African Trade Beads (BYOW2)

by Amocca

Old African Trade Beads Jewelry

 Trade beads like these were made in Venice, Italy between the 13th and 20th century and used in Africa as a basic form of currency for trading purposes. The beads you’re looking at now come from Mali, where you for instance could buy spices, furs, gold and even slaves for them.

We can’t say how old these particular handmade beads are, but we can definitely say that they make unique necklaces or bracelets for both women and men, young or old, who don’t want to be like everybody else.

Amocca sells these old beads in sets of 3 along with a 90cm long leather strap that is 2mm in diameter.  This is more than long enough for a necklace, but you can easily cut it to your desired length.   

If you’re unsure about how to tie the strap knot, then follow these simple instructions:

1. Lay the ends of two lines parallel to each other.

2. Coil the free end of one rope twice around the second rope and pass it back through the inside of the coils.

3. Repeat with second rope in opposite direction.

4. Or have a look at following YouTube video. Just make sure that you put the beads on the strap before you start tying the knots. 

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