Minosharp 463 Sharpening Guide Rail Set

by Global

These guide rails are designed to help maintain the correct angle for sharpening knives when sharpening with a whetstone. Extensive research has shown that the optimum blade edge angle for most cutting tasks is between 10° and 15°. Using this guide rail will help you to achieve this sharpening angle and get the best performance from your knives.

• Smaller Size Rail : for blade width between 15 - 25mm.
• Larger Size Rail : for blade width between 27 - 43mm.

The guide rails are sold as a set which includes a small and large guide rail. The small guide rail is suitable for knives with blade lengths less than 6". The large guide rail is suitable for knives larger than 6". The guide rails are lined with plastic to minimize scratching on the knives during use.

Any time you remove one of the guide rails from your knife, rinse and clean it thoroughly to remove any residue from the stone that may remain inside the guide rail.

To further insure that no residue remains, it is recommended that you pull a clean towel through the guide rail after rinsing. If you fail to remove all the residue from the guide rail, the residue may scratch the knife the next time the guide rail is used.

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